Sunday, January 8, 2017


Reviews are important. They can get the word out about an author's books to people who might not otherwise find that the book exists. The more buzz about a book, the greater the likelihood of someone finding it in increased search engine links.

There are many ways to get reviews. Sometimes an author or Press will provide a free copy to readers in exchange for a review. This generates pretty quick response in many instances. However, we have a recent change in the way Amazon allows or disallows reviews. Shay West asks some interesting questions about this issue in a post here . She is absolutely right. I have had a number of my reviews taken down because I knew authors. Since I know untold hundreds of authors, it is impossible for me to put reviews up on Amazon any longer. That, in my opinion is really stupid.

I won't name names, but I know a Publisher that has their editors, owners, and authors post reviews of books coming from them. This is what Amazon wanted to stop with the crackdown on reviews, but these folks have been at it for a while now.

So, now the rest of us suffer the consequences.

As Shay points out in her post, readers who enjoy books from a favorite author are almost certainly forced to use other ways of reviewing their favorite books. I am in the process of finding some of these non-Amazon review places. I found some today and will start spreading them around.

The easiest way might be to simply post your own review on your website if you have one, or to drop by a Facebook group and tell them about the books you like. There are many of them. Once more, I will start adding links to some of these great groups.

Once again, reviews are important. Authors appreciate them.

Thank you for your time.

Blaze McRob


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