Sunday, January 8, 2017


From Terri DelCampo:

Happy Weekend, Rojo Readers! 
I wanted to write you a little note before you start reading this very long story (made up of a lot of little stories).  I pulled down the "Legends" blogs for Team RoJo because I thought I had a better story to write for you.  After the Grando the Farting Dragon story, I thought another witch plotting against another dragon might be boring, so I decided to have a blog that told all about the powers of Team RoJo and their friends and family.  In fact, that's what I called this story: All About the Powers.  I rewrote the first nine blogs, so they will look familiar, but a bit easier for little kids to understand.  And then I added the last few stories about everyone's powers. 
I hope you like the changes.  When you know all about Team RoJo's powers, we'll be all set for them to tackle their training for their first quest, which I will write in individual stories like I did with Kid Joey and Princess Rosie.  There will be lots of adventure and lots of laughs! 
After the Training Scales come the quests!  Exciting and fun stuff! 
Thank you for reading my RoJo adventures!  Have fun! 
                                              *    *    *    * 

If it's even possible, Terri DelCampo has changed some things in her TEAM ROJO tales to make them even better and easier for children of all ages to follow. I especially like the powers that Gramps Blaze has, but you probably will figure that out when you read the stories. 
Enjoy the stories. I believe that children will get caught up easier into the magick of what awaits them on the pages now, and there is plenty here to come them wanting more and they won't have to wait as long for another chapter.
Happy reading!
Blaze McRob

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