Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sometimes we need to take a look at the hard things in life. I'm not talking about perceptual inconveniences that rattle some folks' cages. If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, and your health and that of your loved ones is good, you have it all. You're blessed.

This short post is about those who don't have these three magic things. A friend of mine has health issues, once thought resolved, but they have returned. Major issues. Much pain. He is a fighter. Against unbelievable odds, he took the sickness down the last time and kicked its ass. It's round two. He'll come out strong and swing hard. I'm sure of that. I have faith in him.

I'm not going to mention his name here. I'll be posting on my personal website about his latest book which will be out soon. A great book from a wonderful author. My Press website is about our books and other offerings. I don't want to talk about specifics here which might benefit me. My Blaze McRob's Tales Of Horror website is for everyone. I talk about my friends and what matters to them. That's where this will belong. Keep your eyes peeled.

Be thankful for what you have, my friends. Life on this spinning orb is not always sweet.

Blaze McRob

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