Saturday, July 15, 2017


Since I can't let Terri DelCampo have all the fun with poems, here's one I did a while back. I hope you enjoy it. This is suitable for children of all ages.

Baby Fox

The baby fox leaps in the air,
Intent on play, without a care,
For mother fox is watching near,
So her sweet son should have no fear.

With brother fox and sister too,
He jumps and skips 'mongst tall grass dew.
Up in the air his red coat shines,
The sun not blocked by distant pines.

This little vale does care for all.
The trees around create a wall,
And food and water here abound.
From outside world there is no sound.

The little one now needs to rest,
For he is tired from all his jest.
Yet into nest he does not go,
For high above, white clouds do show.

They dance about with changing shapes,
And first appear as lambs with capes.
The fluffy lambies dance about,
And cause the little kits to shout.

And weary though they all might be,
They mimic lambs and dance with glee.
But soon their fluffy friends depart,
And other shapes before them dart.

Animals, all shapes and sizes,
Weave about and leave their prizes.
High above in deep blue wonder,
Fleecy clouds do show their splendor.

But now the time has come for sleep,
And mother fox does take them deep,
Into the den which is their home,
Where she has built a safety dome.

So little fox does nod and yawn,
For in his bed he'll sleep 'til dawn.
Brother, sister, and his mother,
Gathered round with love will smother.

Blaze McRob

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