Wednesday, July 26, 2017


All authors look for ways to spread the word about themselves and their books, but not even your most ardent fan wants to be assaulted by constant posts and in-your-face requests to buy your book. What are some ways to put your name out there without being a pain in the butt? My plan is to tell people more about other authors. On my websites, I give folks interesting tid-bits about Women In Horror, new books other authors have out or on the radar, and more. In addition to that, I give out some of my little tips, such as this one, and spread them around.

I write these posts on my websites, Tweet them, and share them to my Facebook personal and Author pages. A lot of times, I will post links to Twitter from my website and pin them to my Twitter page so they stay on top for at least a day. This way folks will see these posts first when they look at my Twitter page. This increases retweet opportunities. I've been keeping track of what happens when I do this and the results speak for themselves. My website explodes from people viewing the posts. For example: if I post a Woman In Horror article for one author and do the other things I mentioned, not only does that author get hundreds of views, but a lot of people will scroll down and read the posts about other Women In Horror they might have missed. The numbers for everyone go up on a constant basis.

How does this help me? Well, I enjoy telling the world about other authors. That's my main goal. However, if anyone wants to see what I have written they have merely to view my side-bars. I'm a bit laid back when it comes to thumping my own chest. I have posts out when a new book comes out and all, but I believe that if my books are well written, edited, and formatted ( with Terri DelCampo, my lovely wife, handling the latter two jobs ) then I have done my job. I do spread the word about my books, however, it's never a constant barrage of buy-my-book stuff.

Also, it doesn't hurt to post a book cover, Amazon link, and a short description on Twitter, featuring any of your books. Visuals look really cool on Twitter. This way people will see your book cover. You can do the same thing for book trailers, which I love, by the way. Spread them around, however, so you don't go overboard once again.

So, if you inter-face with others and spread their message to the masses, you will help out the entire family of authors. Even yourself.

Blaze McRob

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