Friday, June 30, 2017


Fiesta Morte, by Terri DelCampo, is a great collection of short horror stories. Follow Terri as she traverses a grand adventure through the world of ooky. Eight super tales for your enjoyment. Terri has a smooth style you will be sure to enjoy.

Fiesta, anyone?

Blaze McRob

                                                               *    *    *    *

Book description:

Brats find out the clown gets the last laugh.
Computer plays hell on office staff.
A family fights for property rights.
A chauvinist jerk get all entangled.
Hookers' new Human Resources angle.
Writers can never question their muse.
Europeans bring death in the wake of their cruise.
Heaven's been cancelled so what the hell now?
Read on through this eBook so ooky endowed!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Beverly Cialone's book trailer for the highly talented and prolific author Terri DelCampo. Be sure to check out the trailer AND her book Holy Terrors. It is available on Amazon

This great book trailer is produced exclusively by Beverly Cialone and features music by the one and only Johnny Cash. Beverly keeps producing one great book trailer after book trailer for Blazing Owl Press. 

No sense in me talking any longer. The book trailer will tell you what Terri's novel is all about.


Blaze McRob 

Sunday, June 25, 2017


The Oatmeal shows us some very important facts about coffee. For example: where it is grown, what color the beans actually are, where the term "cup of Joe" came from, and more. It does not explain, however, why people in Wyoming make fun of me - a transplanted Jersey boy -  when I say coffee. They are rude people and must be killed off in my next novel.

Bad news: I moved to Georgia and they make fun of my New Jersey accent here too when I say coffee. More people to kill off; more novels to write.

What is this doing here? It's pretty obvious to me. All great authors drink coffee. Go to The Oatmeal and read this and other posts. Tell them Blaze sent you. And yes, I do drink coffee.

Blaze McRob

Monday, June 19, 2017


Cringes, by Terri DelCampo, is a collection of spooky and ooky you won't want to miss! Terri's trademark skull on the cover welcomes you to her world, one not quite in line with what some folks think is normal. But then, define normal. I'll stay in Terri's world.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

They come in the night, inside or out.
Karma's a bitch, have no doubt.
Lindsay learns nothing is truly free.
A surprise awaits dateless ball attendees.
Can you trust that shadow that walks with you?
Or your friends not to laugh in the funeral pews?
Suppose your lies gave you serious pain?
If a priest dealt real punishment would religious faith wane?
Environmental victims finally get pissed.
So read up for cringes not to be missed.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Do you enjoy reading ghost stories with a different twist? Ahah! Boo, by Blaze McRob, might be just what you're looking for. There are ten short stories in this collection, and they are all different. This tome is available on the Kindle Presses. My spirit friends recommend this book highly. Just saying.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Uncle Bucky – something's way off
Unhappy bus station ghosts complain
Murdered author visits old friends
Docs can't turn off dead vet's brain.

Haunted lighthouse glows with invite.
Dutch ghost visits foggy George Inn
Dreams lead back to cabin of death
Raven picks on boy of sin.

Workout guy chats with ghostly friends
Viking takes vengeance on Charlemagne.
Passage to haunted afterlife
When you read these stories gain.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Heebie - Jeebies, by Terri DelCampo, is a super collection of ooky and spooky tales! This is not to be missed. Hit the free sample for the book on Amazon and I know you'll want to buy this.

See you there!

Blaze McRob 

Book description:


Hitman's loyalties bought and resold.
Stories by appearances never are told.
Taking a pelt is rapture indeed.
A warden plans how the starving to feed.
You may get what you wish for so carefully choose.
Like a flash in the pan life is gone without clues.
Midnight snacks for you are not healthy.
Grab this book instead and get ooky-wealthy!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


The latest copy of Owl's Eye View Magazine, by Terri DelCampo, is available for your reading pleasure! All your favorite columns are waiting for you: Swooping Through The Years, Visceral Verse, Macabre Mirth, and a new short story, Creator Shell. All this for only 99 cents! What a bargain and a fantastic way to start out your summer reading. Terri's magazine is a must read!

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Owl's Eye View Magazine is a dark fiction monthly featuring columns, poetry, and short stories written by Terri DelCampo and "Columnists" who are in fact her ongoing fictitious characters.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Tooth For A Tooth, by Terri Delcampo, is a super horror novella. You know you want to read this!

Read the free sample on Amazon and let your reading juices salivate.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Nine months for Jeanette to pick up,
Her pieces of heart in a seedling cup.

Mending her heart with a bandage of lies,
Deception for only the time that it buys.

Will hubby get why she's doing this thing?
 Or ruin it all and toss in his ring?

If he finds out, how far will she go,
To defend baby Nevki? She doesn't know.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Let's Scare Cancer To Death, from May December Publications LLC, has many great stories from super authors and all the proceeds go to The V Foundation For Cancer Research. I have a story within this tome titled The Judas Contingent. This anthology is available for only .99 on Kindle. It is also available in paperback for $13.95, a great price for a 334 page book. Either version has all the proceeds going to cancer research.  

I guarantee the horrific stories in this anthology will sate your horror appetites. Give it a try.

Thank you.

Blaze McRob

                                                            *    *    *    *

Book description: 


For millions, there is no word that inspires more fear. It is about time to give some payback. Enter a cadre of talented authors with a common purpose: to SCARE cancer to death.

Okay, the premise may seem silly, but the truth is that these writers have all given their stories freely in hopes that you will be enticed to come check out this anthology. Every penny generated will be given in a quarterly check the The V Foundation for Cancer Research. So, when you purchase this book, you are tossing your hat in the ring with people who are out to eradicate a killer that has touched far too many lives.

Join us, and Let's Scare Cancer to Death!

with Eli Constant, Alyn Day, Heath Stallcup, Gregory Carrico, T. Fox Dunham, Claire C. Riley, Armand Rosamilia, Catie Rhodes, J. Thorn, Chantal Boudureau, Mark Tufo, Michael James McFarland, Julianne Snow, Blaze McRob, TW Brown, and Rhonda Hopkins.

By *lizzie starr on March 31, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Cancer is frightening enough, and this anthology is definitely well on the way to achieving its title—and scaring cancer to death! As with any anthology, I enjoyed some tales more than others, but recommend them all. Who knew there were so many takes on Zombies? Or mystic cancer treatments? Or survival...and death?

We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way and these stories contain characters to cheer and cry for. At times, they’ll make your heart hurt. But don’t worry...there’s a zombie around the next corner! This volume is a must read for any horror fan.

By fluffyredfox on May 9, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
All the author dedications are heart breaking, so many people’s lives are touched by the dreaded big C. Here is to finding a cure, fast.

Z Children by Eli Constant: It is the start of the zompoc and Suz, Dad and the twins must make it out of town to their boat whilst dodging the zombies who are primarily children.
The reasons for the start of the zompoc are really well laid out, the back story made me care for this little family so the ending was a real shock.
I really enjoyed this writing style so another author to be on the lookout for.

Of the Dead by Alyn Day: a toughened foraging unit comes across a child “zed”; or is she just a wild child trying to survive?
As many of the unit are mourning fathers the emotions brought to the surface on the trip back to base and the scientists are really well played out by the author.
I love the twisted endings, so not expected. Another fantastic writer.

Memories by Heath Stallcup: the author physically brings you along for the ride on this tale as he drags you around a research facility whilst he unloads his story upon you.
The sordid tale carried on around me and I was so absorbed that the ending, again, gave me a real thump to the heart.
HS has managed to pull off a spectacular PoV perspective with not even the slightest error. Not surprisingly he is already one of my favourite authors.

Project Arizona by Greg Carrico: poor Henry, he is a sad and misplaced man in a long line of hidden experiments, of which the author keeps us in the dark about.
But the telltale zombie theme is there, along with a strange flensing obsession.
A strange little late that has an even weirder ending. Not sure what I read but I really liked it!

Just Life by T.Fox Dunham: “dragging its colon behind like a dead snake” – has to be my favourite line from the whole book, it made me feel a little nauseous and smile at the same time.
Robert, the main character, has just recovered from a strange surgery where his tumour went wild and attacked a surgeon!
Now Retribution has begun which looks suspiciously like a George Romero film set.
Essentially this is a beautiful love story another really fantastic ending.

Choices by Claire C. Riley: Adam had completed his cancer treatment but now all Hell has broken loose and he is unable to find out his final test results.
He risks life and limb to try and find his medical notes but thankfully there is Old Yella to help him out.
The moral of the story seems a little undone at the end but wow I really enjoyed the characters in this one.

Dying Days Mortality by Armand Rosamila: two good men are trying to do right by their dying wives.
A dilemma is set before one of them and a decision is made.
The emotions run really high in this book and AR does not shy away from rubbing your face right in there.

Gift Wrapped Box by Catie Rhodes: Kathleen just keeps getting more Hell heaped upon her as she falls for some mumbo jumbo about a cure for her terminal cancer, which actually turns out to be soul eaters!
Not to mention her wicked neighbor is trying to kill her kitten.
A blast from the past and she has a chance to put all things right and as she faces down a massive demon she gets more than she hoped for.
A sad but brilliant ending, really enjoyed the complexity of the story and certainly nothing run of the mill.

Tunnel by J. Thorn: not sure about this story as I really disliked one of the three characters and the other two were just meh for me. Plus the story never really went anywhere IMO.

One Lonely Night by Chantal Boudreaux: Quinn is dying from cancer, but all he desires is death by zombie.
With all the pain surrounding him he is set on his mission and CB does nothing to shy you away from being witness to this painfully honest tale.

Sweet Release by Mark Tufo: Ted’s life is over; his body just needs to catch up.
Kindness seems to be lacking all around him and just one small moment is all he wants.
The tenderness with which this tale is written really made my heart ache.

Uncle by Michael James Macfarland: crippled Uncle has a secret that he brought back from the war.
His constant care is sucking the life from those around him.
The slow but steady build up gives a good indication of what the end will be but it’s still a cracker.

The Legacy by Julianne Snow: they say when you get a terminal diagnosis you begin the grieving process for your own loss of life, one stage of that is anger.
This is the tale of a chap who gets stuck at that stage. Of all these little stories, this one really scared me.

The Judas Contingent by Blaze McRob: my heart bleeds for this wonderfully strong and brave man (the author not the fiction – of all the dedications and bios this one really touched me).
Revenge is the main drive for this story, a well written piece that left me wondering just who are the good guys.

My Name is Charles by TW Brown: what’s worse than dying cancer in the zompoc? Adding dementia into the mix.
Poor fella, having to relive the intial horror over and over again. Fantastic idea with some great writing.

Survival by Rhonda Hopkins: from a bad start where they are captured for who knows what reason Dana and her twin, Sarah, manage a dramatic escape with the help of Meredith. Shame the poor girl is suffering the after effects of chemo treatment.
As the struggle to survive in this new world of horrors occurs the relationship and animosity of work colleagues surfaces adding that emotional twist to the story.
Whilst gore and horror is not lacking in this well written tale it is the emotions that play front and center.

The whole book has a well put together feel to it. I do hope this continues to raise lots of money so that “we” really can Scare Cancer to Death.

Monday, June 5, 2017


This blast from the past is a short post I had on my website a number of years back. It's still relevant today. This is a refreshing way to step out of the box.

                                                            *    *    *    *

I had just paid a bill and had thirty six minutes to wait before catching the next bus. It was almost 90 degrees and I needed something to drink. Ahah, there sat a bar across the street. Time for a cold beer.

They had WiFi in the place so I set my computer on the bar and went to my blog to do a little work. You can't really miss my main page, what with the flaming skull head and all, and one by one, I gathered a crowd. It seems there were a lot of horror fans there, and since I post free stories and even an online novel for all to read, they were all oohs and aahs. I bought my first beer. My fans paid for the rest. My thirty six minutes stretched close to four hours. I had six Budweiser pounders which at $3.50 each equalled $21.00. All of this was possible because I had my computer along. I exposed new fans to my works, created good will and future sales and made roughly what I would have for selling eight ebooks on Amazon.

I'm sure everyone has heard it's a good idea to carry around your paper books where they can be noticed.

Step outside the box. You can do more.

This Bud's for you!

Blaze McRob

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Just in time for summer, Terri DelCampo and Blaze McRob have brought you a collection of horror  stories to make you squirm and itch in anticipation of the infestation to come. Assbiters From Hell has bugs you have never seen before. Where have they come from? C'mon, dearie, you know they're not from Heaven.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Cricket's chirp brings comfort and luck.
Horny frats will even bugs fuck.

Night-night! Don’t let bedbugs…mate!
If they do, it will seal earth's fate.

Grasshoppers have serious dragon breath.
War within war humbles humans to death.

The war is on to dominate earth.
Insect key rings new protectors birth.

How far will a lonely woman go?
Clever idea provokes new foe.

Flies get murderous for a meal.
Acid shit makes human meat like veal

Terri DelCampo and Blaze McRob
Offer ass-biting insects that do the job.

They'll tenderize you and chomp away,
And fly off to find more humans to flay.

Be careful when you turn off, the light;
You never know when they'll come to bite

You right in the ass, so get that swatter
And can of Raid, or prepare to totter

On the brink of death, the edge of hell;
The bugs will nudge you and swore you fell. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Terri DelCampo has compiled all twelve issues of Owl's Eye View Magazine for 2015 into one neat tome for her fans to enjoy. The 2015 Special Bundle is a huge 535 pages! Get your ration of ooky and more. Oh the joy.

There is something here for every lover of the Dark. Is that you? Read the free sample on Amazon and you'll see what I'm talking about.

This special issue also becomes the first Owl's Eye View Magazine to come out under the Blazing Owl Press Banner. Woo, hoo!

Blaze McRob

                                                                 *    *    *    *

Book description:

 Owl's Eye View Magazine is a dark fiction monthly featuring columns, poetry, and short stories written by Terri DelCampo and "Columnists" who are in fact her ongoing fictitious characters.  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beverly Cialone has done it again with her skills at producing another great book trailer! This time it is for '68 Buick, by Blaze McRob. Terri DelCampo is especially happy because the music selection is her favorite Metallica song. Hit the magic link above and watch and listen to what we have to offer. You will be most pleased!

Blaze McRob