Monday, February 27, 2017


James Reborn, Terri DelCampo's latest horror novel , received a 5 Star Review on Amazon! All authors love reviews, especially when they're as great as this one. Thank you, Amazon Customer, for taking the time to tell readers how much you loved this novel. You certainly put a smile on Terri's face. Mine too.

Blaze McRob

Book description:

Writer travels to mountain cabin,
Looking for a peaceful retreat.
On a quiet hike for thinking
A frightening sight her eyes did meet.

Young man imprisoned in a dog pen
Helpless to Pa's sadistic whim.
Writer can't believe the horror
And the injustice done to him.

She becomes involved in drama
More frightening than she's ever known.
For James and Pa bring out her instincts
And sides of herself she'd never known.

Format: Kindle Edition
I liked all the twists and turns. Especially after she came back. What she chose to do to survive was astonishing.
Thanks Miss Terri!

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