Monday, July 31, 2017

I suppose saying that Twitter increases visibility and book sales is a bold statement. Could be. But it's true. I keep records of all my interactions online and check the stats regularly. Since I have gotten more involved with Twitter, the more I see it as a great tool for authors.

Now, I am also a firm believer in not taking a hard sell approach. I never hammer anything into peoples' heads. I get online, talk about other people for the most part, and things come back to me. Twitter, when used in that manner, gets your name out there to many people. You retweet another author's tweet and people are appreciative. I try to personalize everything with a thank you when someone tweets about me or my books. I tell my followers about them and I try to keep in touch with them.

I am making new friends all the time on Twitter. Spreading the word about others, spreads your good name. Do it in the spirit it is intended. Social interaction is just that: social. Get involved. Tweet. Retweet. Copy your links to your tweets and spread them around with other posts. Put a tweet button on your website so people can see what you have tweeted. It's easy to do. Think of Twitter as being mini-information-bites. Seek out other people who like what you like. Common interests generate a lot of attention. I am a horror author, but that's not my entire life. I have other interests. So do other folks.

So, my friends, get involved, have some fun, and meet some great new people. You'll be glad you did.

Blaze McRob

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