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For three dollars a month, my patrons can read hundreds of short stories, micro fiction, horror poetry, FATHER BLAZE'S NURSERY RHYMES, novels written a chapter at a time, and eleven completed novels. That's a lot of reading. I never remove any of my posts, so you can read at your leisure.

You'll find a welcome home there!

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Friday, March 3, 2023


The Ides of March is known worldwide for disasters occurring on it – the murder of Julius Caesar, a raid on South England in 1360, a cyclone in Samoa in 1889, Czar Nicholas abdicating his throne in 1917, German occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Great Plains blizzard in 1941, cancellation of the Ed Sullivan Show in 1971, reporting of the disappearing ozone layer in 1988, world health alert about the disease SARS in 2003.

Of course, Owl's Nest being Owl's Nest, it has its own take on Ides of March.

Read Ides Of March, by Terri DelCampo, for a truly different addition to Ides of March happenings. You'll be glad you did.

Blaze McRob


Terri DelCampo is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, founding partner/writer/editor at Blazing Owl Press, author of 35+ novels, short story collections, children's collections, poetry collections, and multiple individual short stories available right here on Amazon. She pens Broken Old Broad Blogs, is a contributing writer for multiple horror anthologies, freelances poetry as well as non-fiction articles and essays. Terri is an ongoing competitor and winner of NaNoWriMo and Critters/Preditors & Editors Awards.

Terri is married to horror writer Blaze McRob and in 2015 they founded Blazing Owl Press where she is a very hands-on partner. Her duties at BOP include editing, producing book covers, and of course writing.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Terri DelCampo has a fantastic collection of art on Fine Art America. She has art prints you can purchase, as well as many other pieces of merchandise.

In Terri's words:

"While creating book covers and illustrations for writing projects, I began branching out into abstract art drawings and paintings. With environmental causes close to my heart, I create the abstract drawings on recycled cardboard (i.e., cereal, pasta, cracker boxes and packaging), and call it my 'Trash to Art' collection. I'm offering art inspired by my novels, poetry, articles, and Owl's Eye View dark fiction magazine, including character sketches, illustrations, and book cover art. I've done artwork for Blaze McRob's 'Paranormal Posse' stories on Patreon, and hope to include some of those here as well. There's also an illustrated memoir project looming in my near future, and the art will no doubt migrate to this venue. I got comfortable with colored pencil but am beginning to dabble in watercolor and acrylic. I love the wildlife in my yard and it's flowing into my art. I will upload work here at least weekly, so please follow me and check for new releases here on often."

At the moment, she has five different collection categories which will be expanded soon. Since she has ninety, and counting, pieces of art already, the collection categories make it easier for you to peruse what fits your tastes.

You don't want to miss scrolling through the selection Terri has for you.

Blaze McRob

Monday, January 23, 2023


 I posted this on my website a while back. It's still good advice I believe. In this post, I added what Terri DelCampo has to say about the subject. I hope you pick up a few pointers.                                                 

Do you want to be an author? Just write. Easy peasy. You don't have the time? Horseshit. We all have time. I worked at many jobs at the same time, not having a day off for nine years. I still wrote. I wanted to, so I did it. In twenty-something years, I wrote and had some seventy-five ghostwritten novels published.

There are many moments you can use as writing time. Get up early and write. Do you work at a desk job? Write at lunch while you're eating. Carry a little notebook or tape recorder and take notes. Put the notes together and you'll have a story. Write at the end of the day when the kids are asleep. I think you can see a pattern here.

Why am I writing this now? Simple. Some folks have been bombarding me about how they want to be a writer but can't find the time. Writing takes no time. If you want to get published and sell some books, that's a different matter. This quickie post is not about that. More to come about that later, as with other articles I have written about it in the past.

Prioritize. If you don't want to be a writer, then don't write. If you do: write.

If you're still reading my discourse, and you want to be a writer, you're in luck. I'm finished. Time for you to write. I want to see your books bandied about so I can tell the world about them.

Happy writing.

Blaze McRob


 I love this scene from Finding Forrester. Excellent movie for aspiring writers, or even writers who need a motivation nudge. This scene epitomizes how I feel about writing. If you're a writer, you write. Simple as that. I never go anywhere without paper and pen. Period. Don't even need a computer or typewriter. Pen and paper. Simple. In the house, in the car, on the beach, anywhere. From the time I was eleven. No matter what was going on in my life, I wrote. Because I am and always have been a writer.

Reasons that people give you for not writing are bullshit. I got up at 4:30 in the morning when my kids were very little and wrote 6 screenplays that way. Later when I worked for my husband's plumbing business and still had kids to raise, I stayed up until midnight and one in the morning. Wrote my first two novels that way. Then I worked full-time after my separation and divorce and wrote my third novel by not flopping on the sofa and watching TV when I got home from work.

After my car accident and being rendered disabled, I began self-publishing my magazine Owl's Eye View online, and last year I self-published my seven novels, three novellas, multiple short story collections, and Best Of collections from the magazine columns on Kindle (some 30 books). There's time. Carpe Diem, people. Or Carpe Noctem. Just don't carpe bullshit excuses. Just write!

Terri DelCampo

Tuesday, January 17, 2023


Cindy Keen Reynders is my Woman In Horror today! Look at the links above and find out a lot about Cindy and her books. 

Here is a snippet from her Amazon Author page.


About the Author

Cindy was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived all over the United States and also in Japan. She has visited Canada, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Samoa and New Zealand. Her Saucy Lucy series books are The Saucy Lucy Murders, Paws-itively Guilty and A Killer Slice. Solstice Publishing recently released her paranormal romance The Seven-Year Witch, A Witch at Midnight and Witch Tease. 

Visit her website at where you can contact her via e-mail. From her website, you can also link to her blog or visit her on Facebook.

Over the years, Cindy has won or placed in different writing contests. She has also written for and edited many newsletters. Additionally, she has sold several non-fiction magazine articles to "True West" and "Wild West." 

Cindy currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband Rich. She retired from Laramie County School District 1's Community Relations office, however, she continues to contribute freelance articles for the Public Schools Chronicle.


I would suggest you read the Woman In Horror post I did for Cindy a while back.

This gives personal attention to her great books. I won't be redundant and go over them again, especially since I want to talk about Cindy's latest novel.

Book description:

Wyoming private investigator Reese Golden has been hired by a distraught mother to find her missing 4-year-old daughter. This is no small task, considering that the child has been missing for weeks and has seemingly vanished into thin air.

Unfortunately, the police and the FBI haven't been able to come up with any leads. Reese, a former police detective, was shot on the job, which lead to her departure from the force. She is still rebuilding confidence in her abilities, and hesitates to take on the case, but she cannot in good conscience deny the woman's plea for help.

Reese uses her gut instincts to research and follow leads that point to the missing girl's whereabouts. Despite the threats against her life, she travels into the backcountry wilderness and the heights of mountain passes to try and locate the child.

Although Reese's attempts to bring the missing girl home to her family prove to be a major challenge, one that is fraught with danger and intrigue, she fights against the odds to stay on her course.

With a child's life at stake, she refuses to back down.

Not only does Reese discover the truth about herself, she discovers the lengths to which human nature will drive individuals who are desperate to have what they want, no matter the cost.


I bought and read this book, as I have with all of Cindy's books. It is a great modern-day detective book that takes place in Wyoming. Cindy bounces around with interesting and unexpected twists and turns. If you enjoy detective books with strong women, you'll love it! I give it 5 Stars.


Cindy Keen Reynders is definitely a Woman In Horror. She writes detective stories, horror, and more. Check out her great books.


Blaze McRob

Sunday, January 1, 2023



From Terri DelCampo


Hi friends,

So you found Green Geezers. Welcome!

"Be the change you want to see in the world" is a profound maxim that I took to heart for two reasons: 1) Talk is cheap and 2) because sometimes I'm looking for a way to help despite my physical disabilities and limited finances. Since that particular obstacle course hasn't been widely addressed by existing organizations or programs, I thought it was time to get creative.

I'm a physically disabled writer living well below the poverty line.  Attending demonstrations? Not happening. Publicizing the work of organizations, foundations, and individual environmentalists? Hell yes! I'm all in. 

Hence the Green Geezers blog. 

Who we are:

I am a horror writer, as is my husband, Blaze McRob. We post daily links and sample chapters of our books on social media. And extend that publicity to other writer friends of ours. While we donate to certain charities and causes as much as possible, we wanted to do more, but in our own way.   We have discussions and exchange ideas all the time about ways to conserve, recycle, and make a difference. We have mixed reactions about the threat of extinction of humankind: the earth would heal and replenish itself if we (humans) bit the dust, but it's tragic how many species we would be taking (and have already taken) with us.

The problem as I see it:   

It occurs to me that many problems are simply unknown, people are uneducated or follow misleading headlines, or people feel problems are insurmountable and that any contribution they make would be inconsequential. 

What I hope to do:

I'm hoping to bring to light information about the problems, who's out there trying to fix them, how they can be helped/reached/donated to, and who you might contact to pitch in. Also, I want to publish some tips on how you can make painless little changes right in your own household to make a difference. One of those tips is to share all the positive, useful information you can.

I figure if the hate and violence mongers can spread their filth all over the internet, then those of us who want a healed earth for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can counter the negativity with positive messages and information. If we each spend some time every day getting our message out there, hopefully we will drown out the ignorant, or better yet inform them; educate them and hopefully welcome them to stand with us.

We all need to unite and fix these problems, not just for our own legacies, but for the survival of our generations to come. 

Green Geezers will help you be mindful in your daily activities, and hopefully show you how to make a difference. You can, you know, and in old-school ways as well as new.   

Again, welcome to the Green Geezers blog. Now that we're acquainted, it's time to get down to business. There's so much more to come!

Thanks for reading and caring!



Come join us at GREEN GEEZERS. Learn some ways to help Mother Earth.

Thank you.

Blaze McRob

Saturday, December 3, 2022


Terri DelCampo has some great holiday horror for your ooky palate. Chills has eight stories that will show you a different side of the holiday season. Terri has a charming way about her that will draw you in with mellow prose but will slap you alongside the head too. The one-two punch. Loverly.

So, my friends, once the kids have gone to sleep, slide Chills onto your Kindle, put a spiffy nightcap on, and read away. You'll be glad you did.

Blaze McRob 


Book description:

Santa F-bombs heard only by some.

From where in the forest should Christmas trees come?

Will Christians to Morningstar be lost?

Who'll win the bet, Vulcan or Frost?

Christmas Eve miracle for a small child.

South Pole festivities horribly wild.

Good kids onto naughty list drift.

Naughty boy tempts hungry gifts.

Classic holiday ditties these stories are not.

But if you want ooky, a sleighful I've got!


Here's a great review from Wendy Howard!

Wendy Howard

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightfully gruesome and chilling.

Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2016

Verified Purchase

Witty holiday stories that are delightfully gruesome and chilling. A quick read that entertains start to finish. My favorite story takes Christmas trees to a new level of creative horror.


Terri DelCampo is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, founding partner/writer/editor at Blazing Owl Press, author of 35+ novels, short story collections, children's collections, poetry collections, and multiple individual short stories available right here on Amazon. She pens Broken Old Broad Blogs, is a contributing writer for multiple horror anthologies, freelances poetry as well as non-fiction articles and essays. Terri is an ongoing competitor and winner of NaNoWriMo and Critters/Preditors & Editors Awards.

Terri is married to horror writer Blaze McRob and in 2015 they founded Blazing Owl Press where she is a very hands-on partner. Her duties at BOP include editing, producing book covers, and of course writing.

If you look up write-a-holic in the dictionary, Terri's picture is there.

Thursday, December 1, 2022


Dina Rae is my Woman In Horror today! A lot of her novels deal with what is written in the Book of Enoch. I have a distinct fascination for the book and was very impressed not only with Dina's research but the manner in which she writes her chilling tales. I won't get into a discussion of my religious beliefs or non-beliefs, it's no one's business but mine, but I honestly believe the folks who threw the books of the Bible together flat-out goofed by not including Enoch. 

Dina Rae is always encouraging other horror writers, giving pep talks, kind words about authors' books, and the sort. There is no aloofness to this lady. She is a class act all the way. I find it particularly intriguing that she is a Christian and is still able to write of the Dark. But then again, is there not the Light and the Dark? Dina is able to shake away some of the established precepts saying that a Christian should not believe in the things she believes in. She is able to because she does the research and finds the answers. And one of her biggest sources of information is the Bible. This is not a statement about religion from my pen. The point I wish to make is that it is possible to maintain your beliefs and still think objectively. Dina Rae does that.

Dina is a master at her craft, an inspiration for all writers regardless of gender, and a super lady!

I want to take a moment here and explain that Dina delves into research - hard, factual research - not only about Angels, Nephilim, and the human touch, but she also goes to great lengths to discuss her theories, which make a lot of sense to me, about other variants of horror such as Zombies. Many people have in their minds the stereotype of a virus-induced infection spreading around the world. This certainly makes for great storytelling, but what about the religion of Voodoo and its precepts. Were not necromancers stated as having the power to raise the dead, or perhaps those who were perceived to be dead? Me? With my schooling in the sciences, I believe a fungal form of disease rather than a virus to be a more viable possibility. The point I'm making is that Dina does not merely jump on the band wagon and write stories in the same manner as everyone else. She reads the facts and comes up with her own conclusions and writes them in a most convincing manner.

Dina's books are great because she wills them to be great. There is no rambling coming from an incoherent mind. Dina is an intelligent, schooled lady. I get angry at some of the reviewers who claim her books are too way out there. Excuse me. She writes fiction. Sure, there is a non-fiction base for much of what she writes, but any fiction writer worth her/his salt mixes the two. And who puts a limit on how far one can go? No one should have this power. Just like Catholics cry foul at me for removing the head of a Pope with a sword in one of my stories, it's fiction, people. Get a grip. For Free Masons to complain about Dina's writings tells me they need to get over themselves and their importance. Shove your secret crap up . . . Oh, oh. I pissed someone else off. The point I'm making is no religion or sect is all-knowing or all-powerful. Believe in what you believe and tolerate the rest of the world and their opinions.

I respect Dina very much and love her stories! I love to read of Angels, Dark as well as Light, demons, the Bible in a new light - not changing the text but opening one's mind to a different interpretation - and scientific explanations of what might be possibilities on this spinning rock we call home.


Dina's Amazon bio:

About Dina Rae

Dina Rae lives with her husband and three dogs outside of Dallas. She is a Christian, avid tennis player, movie buff, teacher, and self-proclaimed expert on several conspiracy theories. She has been interviewed numerous times on blogs, newspapers, and syndicated radio programs. She enjoys reading about religion, UFOs, New World Order, government conspiracies, political intrigue, and other cultures. Peacocks, Pedestals, & Prayers is her eighth novel.

List of Works:

Peacocks, Pedestals, and Prayers

Crowns and Cabals

The Best Seller

The Sequel

Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Conspiracy (nonfiction)

Love, Lust, and Revenge

Halo of the Damned

Halo of the Nephilim

The Last Degree

Be Paranoid, Be Prepared (short story)







Peacocks, Pedestals, and Prayers:

The Sequel:

The Best Seller:

The Last Degree:

Halo of the Damned:


On to some of Dina's great books!


A chain of advertising agencies, a new breed of humans, and a fallen angel to worship... Andel Talistokov is a fallen angel who uses advertising as a form of propaganda for Satan. His growing power emboldens him to break Hell's Commandments by soliciting worship from an ancient angel religion. He changes their rituals forever. Furious with his arrogance and betrayal, Satan commands Armaros to return to Hell after finding his replacement.

Eve Easterhouse, a recovering drug addict, steps out of prison shortly after her mother's fatal accident. She and her sister, Julia, unravel their mother's secretive past. Intrigued, they learn their bloodline is part of a celestial legacy.

Both worlds collide.


This is Dina's latest novel. It tells of demons, Nephilim, the occult, fallen angels, mysterious religions. and family secrets. It is an intriguing novel filled with twists and turns. Read it now. It will not disappoint you. 


I bought my copy of Crown and Cabals and I love it! Dina is the Queen of Conspiracy Theories. This new novel by her talks about the New World Order. She spins quite a tale. Read the generous free sample on Amazon, and you'll see what I mean. Do you love secret society books? Do you love action? If you do, Purchase this tale. I highly recommend it. I give it 5 Blazing Stars!

Book description: 

Vigilantes stumble upon a cabal of world power.

Journalist Raphael King knows three things about New World Order. First, control the media. Check. Second, erase the world's borders. Check. Third, provoke a nuclear war. Check. Is it checkmate for the ultimate inner circle? 

In 2043 Raphael loses it all. He and sister-in-law Jaxie Nottingham refuse to sit back and watch the new world government unfold. They set up vigilante cells with the goal of disrupting anyone who benefits after the war. One of their targets leads them to a secret society created since the dawn of civilization.


This is a book review I did a number of years ago for Be Paranoid Be Prepared, by Dina Rae. I love this short story!

Book description:

A James Martin adventure and short story. While working in a strip club, James falls in love with a stripper. She is not what he expected.

5 out of 5 stars

Be Paranoid Be Prepared-The Ultimate Prepper Tale!

ByRobert C. Nelson on May 13, 2012

Format: Kindle Edition|

Verified Purchase

I love this little short by Dina Rae! Be Paranoid Be Prepared tells us what to look out for in this world of uncertainty: hinting that perhaps the crap will hit the fan sooner than we wish. The author takes us on a behind the scenes adventure in a strip club gone crazy with great visuals, leading us along a path that James Bond would love to traverse. The way this story starts in the past, combining real life horror with present world conditions makes me want to read the next installment. NOW!


Dina Rae is a Woman In Horror! Go to the links above and find out more about this great author.

Blaze McRob

Thursday, September 8, 2022


Dona Fox is my Woman In Horror today! If you enjoy reading horror stories, Dona is an author you must not ignore. Everything she writes is fantastic. I should know. I have bought and read many of her books over the years and have not been dissatisfied even once. That says a lot about an author. 

Since Dona has been on my Woman In Horror lists on a number of occasions, I don't wish to be redundant and keep adding a bunch of stuff you might have read before. I'll simply add a link to Dona's Woman In Horror post from last year and I will add new books to search out and new places to read what others say about Dona and what she has said about others.

First of all, make sure you read the interview that Roma Gray did with Dona. You will find out a lot of great things about Dona Fox. Roma Gray did a fine job chatting with Dona. I'm sure you'll agree. 

Dona's website at is superbly set up. Everything is bright and cheery and there is much information about her stories, reviews of other authors' books, and much more. Dona believes in giving back to the horror community. 

Another great example of how Dona shares news about her fellow authors is her Facebook page Don't not check this out!


It's time to showcase some of Dona's great books!



The key is the empowerment, those who hold the key to the car has the keys to the highway... here are stories of haunted roads and strange vehicles, of wild driving and those driven by the need for revenge... follow the wheels, see where they take you - just beware which way you come back...

This volume contains:-

Tailgate Vigilante – Carl Hughes

Skin Covered Concrete – Rickey Rivers Jr.

Sliding Down the Night Road – Rie Sheridan Rose

Hazy Miles – Olivia Arieti

Roadside Assistance - Edward Ahern

The Haunted Lane – Stuart Holland

Behind The Mask – Rie Sheridan Rose

Road Rage – Dorothy Davies

Highway Chills – Olivia Arieti

Cosmic Spin Class on Deck 112 – SJ Townend

Here Comes Cowboy Death – Rie Sheridan Rose

People Eaters – Rickey Rivers Jr.

I Am The Night Prowler – David Turnbull

Garden Path – S J Townend

Backwards Lonesome – Rickey Rivers Jr.

An Evening Stroll Along The Tracks – Brian Barnett

Mesmerized in the Glaring Randomness of Chance – Dona Fox

On Blackened Wings – Michelle Ann King

Ice Crystals – Travis Mushanski

Highways – Paul Edwards

This anthology is brand new. Dona Fox's  piece Mesmerized in the Glaring Randomness of Chance is included within its pages. 


Haunted Tales Double Feature: Vol. 2 (Trick-or-Treat Thrillers Book 9) 


Two unforgettable ghostly tales by Kevin Candela and Dona Fox.

Within These Walls – A ghost struggles to adapt to his new existence, discovering that haunting a house isn’t as straightforward as he thought.

Shypoke’s Tears – It is not always easy to cross a bridge. You never know what is waiting for you on the other side.

You'll love reading Shypoke's Tears, by Dona Fox. This is classic Dona Fox all the way!


J is for Jack-o'-Lantern (A to Z of Horror Book 10)

J is for Jack-o’-Lantern, the tenth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen disturbing stories from some of the most creative independent horror writers on the scene today. While each tale features a Jack-0’-Lantern at its core, the events taking place around it are wildly varied. From Halloween pranks going too far to creatures stalking their prey, from evil entities of the Underworld to Halloween slashers, J is for Jack-o’-Lantern will make every day feel like October 31st… Just don’t let that candle go out!

Dona has some great reading for you in this gritty anthology. Give it a read!


Welcome to Spirit County: Trick-or-Treat Thrillers Paranormal Westerns


You won't find the place on any map. It's somewhere else, hidden away in a wondrous parallel reality of mystery, awe and terror.

This both is and isn't the "Old West." They share the same stark and unforgiving terrain and exist in the same timeframe, primarily the 1800s. The people are generally the same hardy lot that left eastern society for reasons spread as wide as the open spaces they sought.

But there the similarities cease. In Spirit County, for example, death is often not the end but the beginning. Sometimes even the middle. Mythological creatures prove real . . . and deadly. Towns can disappear by daylight and return with the setting sun. And in that dark and turbulent dreamscape, where the rational mind can wind up gunned down in the street by its own fearful denial, there you will find that indeed there are frontiers far beyond the edge of not just human society but human comprehension. 

In Welcome to Spirit County, six writers take their shot and then pass the revolver, each aiming to punch a hole through the veil of the senses to a different and staggering reality. Mount up and follow them if you dare.

You don't want to miss Devil's Ridge, Dona Fox's great story in this collection!


Other Worlds - Volume 1

There are many other worlds, most appear in fiction but how many are based on real life? How many could we access if we found the right way in, the right key, the right password? Other Worlds offers you a brief glimpse of possibilities of some of these strange, often dangerous, occasionally endearing worlds, where death walks on silent feet and the access to the world is capable of being closed - for how long...

Do Humanoids Breathe Electric Air? is Dona Fox's entry in this fascinating anthology. A must read!


Dona's Amazon bio:


Dona Fox writes short stories & poetry, mainly horror & dark fantasy infused with bits of science fiction. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, specters from the Northwest's forests, Portland's bridges & Seattle's streets often creep into her dark tales.

See what Dona's up to, including what she's reading by following her at Dona's Darkness online at


Dona Fox is a fantastic author and is without a doubt a true Woman In Horror!


Blaze McRob

Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Denise N. Tapscott is my Woman In Horror today! She has written some fantastic books, promotes other authors, is an actress, and is part of one of the greatest podcasts around. There are plenty of links above that will take you into her special world, and I'll expound on some of them below.

First, let's get to Denise's great books.

GYPSY KISSES AND VOODOO WISHES is a great dark fantasy tale filled with suspense and horror.  

Book description:

Can any good transpire when Romani magic collides with Voodoo Magic?  For Grandmother Zenobia, the answer is unclear.

The year is 1890 in Carrefour Parish, Louisiana.  A Voodoo high priestess with a mysterious past, Grandmother Zenobia conceals her magical powers from her grandson Will. She wants him to have a "normal" family life, including savory Southern dinners and festive church gatherings. When Will reveals that he's in love with a girl named Syeira, Grandmother is overjoyed. In her excitement over a future wedding, Grandmother fails to find out a crucial piece information.  Syeira is not a New Orleans local, she's from the Camlo family.

On the other side of the bayou, Queen Patia Camlo, is furious when her daughter reveals her relationship with Will, who is not Romani. To the Camlo tribe, The Traveler way is the only way.  Desperate to put an end to their romance, Patia casts a spell so effective that even the great Grandmother Zenobia can't fix the damage it creates.

Grandmother Zenobia must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice to retaliate against Patia, as well avenge her family, without losing her soul.


THE PRICE OF SALVATION is a charming thriller. This is Denise's first short story. She did a great job with this tale. 

Book description:Los Angeles socialite Rhoda Jurel is deathly ill. From herbalists to elite specialists, no one can determine the cause of her sickness. When visiting her friendly neighborhood psychic, she is warned that her only choice is to see Voodoo High Priestess Grandmother Zenobia. Join Rhoda on her path to finding the price of salvation, if you dare.


My review of this great short story is:

"Denise N. Tapscott knocks it out of the ball-park with her refreshing read The Price of Salvation! This short tale has horror, humor, and even history - all in the right places. Grandmother Zenobia is my favorite Voodoo High Priestess. She'll be yours, too!"


Denise's Amazon bio:

Denise was born and raised in California. She left her heart in San Francisco, but somehow managed to leave her soul in New Orleans. When she's not creating and cultivating her characters, she enjoys dining on spicy tuna rolls, sharing a bottle of red wine with friends and watching the latest flick (especially scary films). From time to time this radiant left-handed pirate will even challenge others to a fencing match or two. But, watch out. This Gemini is determined to win!

Often referencing her favorite quotes, below is Denise's favorite motto by Hans Christian Andersen:

"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."


Denise joins Marc Abbott, Kirk Johnson, and Steven Van Patten on the great podcast Beef, Wine And Shenanigans where they discuss some great stuff. Some is sad, some is funny, and some is serious. However, everything is fantastic. This is a podcast you don't want to miss!



Denise is also an actress. Catch the Halloween eppissue of the Vamps next door. You'll love this!


I hope you read the great things that Denise has to say in all the links above. She is a dynamic go-getting woman who I am glad to call my friend. 

Everything that Denise N. Tapscott does and says makes her a truly wonderful Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Thursday, July 7, 2022


Terri DelCampo is my Woman In Horror Today! As you can see from all the links above, Terri is a busy woman. This year I'll be including links to some of my previous Woman In Horror posts. This way I'll be able to include some great interviews and other blasts from the past. I'll start this post out with a link to the very interesting Woman In Horror post of Terri's from last year. This includes a superb interview. It's a must read.

Terri has been very busy this year with some new pet projects. She is an activist for many causes, one of which is the green movement. She started up a Green Geezers blog that has articles from her and, more recently, some from me. Many causes and great people in the environmental world are brought to light within its pages. Check this out at:

Another passion of Terri's is to help stamp out real-life horror. You'll see her memes all over the internet attacking the evils that exist within this crazy and oftentimes evil world we live in. She gets extremely upset about gun shootings in schools, as we all should. Read some of her thoughts on her blog. 

There is much more to read on her Twitter page.

This personal Facebook page includes more of her thoughts. 

Here is one of Terri's memes. She's not about to stop her condemnation of evil.

To further jump into the fray, Terri is writing fiction that focuses on these and many other topics. Keep your eyes peeled for these. 


Terri's Amazon Author Page includes many outstanding books.

Some of these I spotlighted in last year's Woman In Horror post. Not wanting to be redundant, I have included some of her other books that I really love. 

Broken Old Broad Busts A Beat: HO - PO (Horror Poems) is one of them.

A handful of cobwebby rhymes and verse

Your yearning for ookiness these will nurse.

Not to be read by light of day

But in in a dark nook, tucked away

Read each one and when you're through

Terri has novels and stories for you.


Terri has written some great poems in this collection.


Next is:

Morbid Metamorphosis: Terrifying Tales Of Transformation

Terri's story, The Skelly Effect, is one of her best ones. This anthology is a must read!

Metamorphosis occurs every day as caterpillars become sweet fluttering butterflies, tadpoles become gorgeous frog princes and chameleons become one with the beauty of nature – but you won’t find any of that here.

The transformations you’re about to witness are unnatural, sometimes gruesome and deeply psychological. They will make you question reality and take your mind places it was never meant to go.

Terrifying Tales of Transformation from Greg Chapman * Roy C. Booth & R. Thomas Riley * Terri DelCampo * Dave Gammon * Nancy Kilpatrick * Rod Marsden * Jo-Anne Russell * M.J. Preston * Stacey Turner * Tina Piney * Suzanne Robb * Franklin E. Wales * Donna Marie West * Suzie Lockhart * Cameron Trost * Daniel I. Russell * Simon Dewar * Amanda J. Spedding * Ken MacGregor * Erin Shaw * Gregory L. Norris * Nickolas Furr


I could go on and on about all of Terri's published works and her books to come. She certainly has many. Make sure to read her interview on her last year's Woman In Horror post, check out the ones I highlighted there, and peruse other books displayed on Amazon.

And keep your peepers wide open for her new writings that are on the way.

Terri DelCampo is a true Woman In Horror!

Blaze McRob

Friday, July 1, 2022



In the past, February has been Women In Horror Month. Last year was the last official year for this great organization showcasing fantastic women in all aspects of horror, whether it be writing, film work, or any of the other things that make this genre what it is. I had my own project which I called Woman In Horror. I wasn't sure how to present my Woman In Horror posts this year. I'm changing things around a bit. I will have no yearly designations. Instead, I will continue to add in posts about the great women in horror. They will be spread out over the course of time and not confined to a single month. 

Woman In Horror returns. You will meet some fascinating women. I'm sure that I will meet many new women to showcase. I will include some snippets from the past and up-to-date material.  

This will be a fun ride. Join me as I present fantastic women at the top of their game.

Blaze McRob

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Terri's Bookshelf: Intriguing Authors I Read In 2015, by Terri DelCampo, is an interesting book based on some of the noteworthy authors who Terri loves to read. I have read books by most of these authors, and I must agree with Terri that their books are the stuff real literature is made of. The ones I haven't read? Let's just say I'll have to change that and seek them out. I always love finding new authors.

From Terri: 


"2015 was a whirlwind year, as a writer and editor for me, it was also the year I experimented with a column in Owl's Eye View Magazine called "Terri's Bookshelf". While I discontinued the column in favor of keeping OEV strictly dark fiction, I wanted to publish the articles about the books, along with the corresponding interview questions for the authors, all of whom I still currently read. Interview questions answered by: Paul A. Bussard, Jeremiah Coe, CL Hernandez, Cara Marsi, Blaze McRob, Stephen Nepa, Shari Nichols, Dr. Terry Segal, George Weinstein, Jay Wilburn."


These authors embrace many genres and sub-genres. Romance, science fiction, horror, war, energy medicine, non-fiction, and more. Along with many links to their books, Terri has a most interesting set of questions she asks the authors. This in itself is worth the purchase price of the book. Such diversity!

Terri also includes a special piece direct from the World Horror Convention in 2015. I was with her as we hob-knobbed with all the great people there. 

You will most certainly enjoy this peek into the minds and lives of outstanding authors!


Terri DelCampo is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, founding partner/writer/editor at Blazing Owl Press, author of 35+ novels, short story collections, children's collections, poetry collections, and multiple individual short stories available right here on Amazon. She pens Broken Old Broad Blogs, is a contributing writer for multiple horror anthologies, freelances poetry as well as non-fiction articles and essays. Terri is an ongoing competitor and winner of NaNoWriMo and Critters/Preditors & Editors Awards.

Terri is married to horror writer Blaze McRob and in 2015 they founded Blazing Owl Press where she is a very hands-on partner. Her duties at BOP include editing, producing book covers, and of course writing.

If you look up write-a-holic in the dictionary, Terri's picture is there.

Blaze McRob

Monday, April 18, 2022


Nine Lives, by Blaze McRob, is one of the newest tales in the Blazing Owl Short Horror series. It's a different take on some of the old legends and stories that I ran across when I was in Vietnam. No matter where you go, or what you're doing, unexplainable things happen. Some are better than others. Could this be one of them? Or is it one of those stories that sometimes place repressed memories in a part of our minds? Read and find out.


Here is a short teaser:


The edges of the jungle dance to the tune played by the vibrant colors of the burning village, while twisting, cavorting shadows intersperse with unknown entities hiding beyond where no light will go.

I know what lurks within the boundaries of the dense undergrowth. Most of what resides there is not good. Death lives and thrives at its core and spreads out to capture ever more territory when the veil of darkness works in its favor.

For now, at least, the fire is saving those of us still alive from being entombed within the snare of annihilation. I wonder if that's a good thing, though. Sure, we're saved for now, but at what cost? Capture later on? Torture?

Some fucking life! Yet, some of us can't condone rolling over and accepting a fate of doom. Better to resist and fight 'til the end than to subjugate yourself to the wishes of the tormentors.

Fuck! I don't make the rules. This is war. One side wins. One side loses. It's as simple as that.

Most of the villagers waste no time in leaving their former homes. No sense in staying now. All that remains is burned rubble and ash. We help those who need it to get on their way. Their stares tell me what I already know without a word having been spoken: the burning of their village, the forced evacuation from the little they owned was our fault. Yeah, in their minds, the 'Cong were after us and this was all a retaliatory move.

How the hell are we supposed to fight and win a war where no one respects us or what we are trying to do for them? They would rather roll over and capitulate to the Commie bastards than fight on their own behalves. Not all of them; but a great many feel that way.

It appears that twenty or so of us are left. No sense in leaving now. As long as the fires are raging, we're safer where we're at. We better dig in, though. Once the air around us loses the brilliance of the fires and the all-encompassing darkness takes over, we're sitting ducks.

"C'mon guys!" I holler out. "You know what we have to do. Let's do it."

"But Sarge . . ."

"No buts, soldier! Just do it. That's an order!"


Nine Lives, and much more, can be found on my Patreon page. You'll find a welcome home there.


I hope you enjoy this story.

Blaze McRob

Sunday, April 17, 2022


Most of you who visit our Press postings know of all the recent stuff that Terri DelCampo is writing and the joint projects that she and I are collaborating on. And, of course, there is Owl's Eye View Magazine, which is how I discovered Terri. But how many of you know about the novels that Terri has written? If you visit her Amazon Author Page you will see she has written a number of them.

Into the Mist is one of these great novels. It is 608 pages of ooky and spooky. Go to Amazon and click the free sample button. I'm sure you'll be pulled into Terri's writing. I certainly am.

Blaze McRob


Book description: 


Dan Wynthrop, vampire with a conscience, finds a way to survive without killing, but will his solution leave him in even worse torment?

Twists and turns abound.


Terri DelCampo is the founding editor and writer of Owl's Eye View Magazine, founding partner/writer/editor at Blazing Owl Press, author of 35+ novels, short story collections, children's collections, poetry collections, and multiple individual short stories available right here on Amazon. She pens Broken Old Broad Blogs, is a contributing writer for multiple horror anthologies, freelances poetry as well as non-fiction articles and essays. Terri is an ongoing competitor and winner of NaNoWriMo and Critters/Preditors & Editors Awards.

Terri is married to horror writer Blaze McRob and in 2015 they founded Blazing Owl Press where she is a very hands-on partner. Her duties at BOP include editing, producing book covers, and of course writing.

If you look up write-a-holic in the dictionary, Terri's picture is there.