Sunday, January 8, 2017


Silver Hells, by Terri DelCampo and Blaze McRob, a collection of Twelve Twisted Holiday Tales from around the world, has gotten a great review! All authors love receiving great reviews. Terri and I are no exception.

Thank you to a kind reviewer!

Blaze McRob

                                                                 *    *    *    *

Book description:

Children in huts put a gift in his sack; Chuckie brings gifts that his family lacks;
Coins carry wishes to Santa so real; A Christmas fate for a giver is sealed;
All through the land silver bells serenade; A gift from Santa one cannot evade;
Souls fade out as snow globes shimmer; Frau Perchta has nothing but evil within her;
Santa's sack holds ornaments for his tree; At midnight mists carry a mystery;
Santa gives Amy a breakfast surprise; Who might bring about Thorolf's demise?
All these sweet stories you'll find in our book! Open it up! Have no fear! Take a look!

Format: Kindle Edition
If you're looking for a fast, fun, frightening Christmas read, then be sure to pick up Silver Hells! The second story in this book is absolutely wrenching! Won't give any spoilers, but this is a great read! Will be sure to read more of this author's work!

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