Sunday, January 8, 2017


Eventually, all Blazing Owl Press books will have youtube book trailers done by Beverly Cialone. I've been working on the best way to showcase these on various promotional sites and groups. I think I have reached a great way to showcase the trailer while providing an Amazon link as well.

For example. I posted the snippet below on a Facebook group. I typed the link to the trailer first, where it says to write a comment. Then I put up the Amazon link. Make certain the trailer link and picture is displayed before you add in the Amazon link. Then I add a short comment. In this case, I simply say, "The mists are calling . . ."Then I hit the post button.

All the necessary goodies are showcased in one simple place. I hope this is helpful. I will have a longer post in the future about using book trailers as marketing tools.

Blaze McRob

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Trailer for debut novel "Mists of Papoose Pond" by Author Blaze McRob of Blazing Owl Press. Produced exclusively for Author B

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