Sunday, January 8, 2017


Terri DelCampo has an amazing interview on Wolf Paw Radio with Tony Wolf Paw. The link to the youtube podcast is above. This is a great job by Terri and Tony both. They share a lot of common beliefs. Tony is quite an interesting guy and puts his guests at ease, becoming instant friends with them. I love his folksy stories of his own upbringing and experiences.

I want to thank LR Shaw for introducing Terri and me to Tony. 

Enough from me. Hit the link above and get transported to a great podcast!

Blaze McRob

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Some links for Tony Wolf Paw and an intro into the podcast with Terri:

Published on Oct 4, 2015
Terri DelCampo writer and Editor for Blazing Owl Press
Specializes in Horror you can find her books in
Together with Husband who also is an Editor and Writer of Horror Books are the founders of their own publishing company.
In this interview we met the most dedicated workaholic author in the U.S

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