Sunday, January 8, 2017


Rather than have me drone on and on about what I think about Twitter, click the link above and get some great advice. Twitter is a super place to go for many reasons. Marketing is only one of them, and as with any other form of marketing, spamming is frowned upon. Find timely tips galore from Alan Kealey!

Also, make certain to read the other great posts at The Indie Authors Daily. I subscribe to  Orna Ross does a great job!

Blaze McRob

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Twitter Tips for Authors

Twitter is an amazing tool to brand yourself as author and connect with your readers and fellow authors. Twitter can play a big role in your Author-Marketing Strategy if used correctly.
It is not an exclusive "free advertising tool" for self-promoters as some people are using it and driving their followers 'nuts.'

We collected some great Tips for Twitter Starters and Twitter Veterans as well.

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