Sunday, January 8, 2017


Terri DelCampo and I were having a discussion about whether an editor should have her/his name listed on an Amazon Book Page. While it might seem like a minor item to be concerned about, it does warrant some consideration.

Take a look at what the bigger Presses and the Big Five do. With few exceptions, you don't see an editor's name on the line where the author is listed. Sometimes the editor will be listed in the credits, but many books do not do that even. Why? An editor gets paid to do a job. No credit is really needed.

If you look at some of the stuff on my Amazon Author Page,  on the very bottom you will notice See search results for author "Blaze McRob" in Books. This shows the books I have written or have stories in, as well as books I have edited. That will stop in the future. One reason is that I believe the author always has the final say with editing. The publisher and the author rule the roost. My edits are merely suggestions. What happens if my suggestions are completely ignored and a shoddy story gets out? People look at me. Number one: I have never charged for editing and don't plan to. I am an author. There will be folks who I choose to help out with my edits. My decision. Outside of Blazing Owl Press, I am not an owner or co-author of any other Press. I am doing edits for Terri Delcampo's stories, and she does the same for me. Since we're both editors as well as writers, it works out well. But you won't see our names there as editors.

A number of you know I have been a co-owner for a couple other Presses. Those days are over. While I am working on edits for a great new Press coming out, it is gratis. I believe in what the author is doing there and want to help her. Same thing with another Press coming out soon. I will be behind the scenes, helping where I can, but not receiving money.

So, my friends, we all need editors. Even editors when they write. But the book page belongs to the author. No editors names need be mentioned. Let me know if you agree with me if you wish.

Thank you.

Blaze McRob

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