Sunday, January 8, 2017


I found this on the front page of Publetariat . I am there often to get timely advice about what is happening in the publishing industry, in particular, the self-publishing industry. This is a nine part series with great self-editing information. I have included the links above so you can read the series in its entirety.

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Today’s post by Stef Mcdaid, off of her blog WriteIntoPrint . It is the first part of a nine part series on content editing, but the whole series is available now and well worth reading.  I have bookmarked it myself to go back and reread. ~ * ~ A lot has happened in the publishing […]

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Peruse the other great posts at Publetariat and find a wealth of information to assist you in becoming a better author as well as to keep you current with all the changes in publishing. Knowledge is power.

Blaze McRob                                                        

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